Currency Note (IMG_3143 v2K)

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Currency Note (IMG_3143 v2K)
lettering tattoo design

Image by Piyushgiri Revagar
To Pay. Macro photo of the £10 note. The letters are almost like freshly tattooed design. I have taken this photo with my Nikon D600 using reverse lens technique. This is one of the affordable macro photography setup.

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Safety Third tattoo
lettering tattoo design

Image by sfslim
The tattoo I got the day after my home – a metal arts studio called "Headless Point" – burnt down in 2004. It was designed by Nifer Fahrion, and further refined, lettered and inked by the talented Texie Buss, who was working out of Cold Steel on Haight Street at the time. (Texie now has her own shop, Authentic Tattoo in the Mission. )

While I and several of my housemates lost everything in the fire, Headless Point survived, remaining the home of acclaimed metal artist Dan Das Mann until early 2010, when it was finally vacated.

The amount of creativity, community and art that the space produced over the years is deservedly the stuff of legends. Despite the unexpected lesson in impermanence, I will always treasure the memories of my time there.

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