Design gibberrish shirt shop


Check out these urban tattoo designs images: Design gibberrish shirt shop Image by Suviko This is a chain of stores selling Engrish or more often gibberrish Deutch t-shirts to the fashion sensible young urban Japanese buyers. Print shirts with text are as trendy here as kanji tattoos in the West. The small shop in Ueno was packed with people. graniph shirts come in all … [Read more...]

Cool Urban Tattoo Designs images


A few nice urban tattoo designs images I found: One more drink... Image by id-iom We've done some work down at the Electric Social in Brixton over the past couple of years and with the folks behind it getting themselves a new venue in Southend they came back to us for some more id-iom brand contemporary interior decoration. The East Coast Social is to have a similar look … [Read more...]