Team #339 01 IMG_2224 (in-between area; a starting point)


Some cool quote tattoo designs images: Team #339 01 IMG_2224 (in-between area; a starting point) Image by AnimaSuri This is the starting-point of an urban excursion. Its location and trajectory covers parts of Beijing's CBD area (on a commonly smoggy/polluted day). It show-cases a large "in-between area" as a starting point of one of the ways a city can be … [Read more...]

New tattoo


A few nice quote tattoo designs images I found: New tattoo Image by timoni Brand-brand new tattoo. My design: the typeface is IM Fell Great Primer Pro. The quote is from a 1919 New York Times article pronouncing that the geodetic effect of Einstein's Theory of Relativity had been proven: "LIGHTS ALL ASKEW IN THE HEAVENS; Men of Science More or Less Agog Over Results … [Read more...]