Currency Note (IMG_3140 v2K)


Check out these money tattoo designs images: Currency Note (IMG_3140 v2K) Image by Piyushgiri Revagar Bank of. Macro photo of the £10 note. The letters are almost like freshly tattooed design. I have taken this photo with my Nikon D600 using reverse lens technique. This is one of the affordable macro photography setup. Currency Note (IMG_3135 v2K) Image by Piyushgiri … [Read more...]

Cool Money Tattoo Designs images


A few nice money tattoo designs images I found: The Big Egg Hunt 2013 - Covent Garden, London Image by Karen Roe 79. SPEE- shees by Stuart Briers Stuart Briers is a London-based illustrator who creates imagery for a diverse range of advertising and publishing clients throughout the USA and UK. He began making pictures with traditional materials: acrylic and gouche … [Read more...]