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Check out these images of tattoo designs images: Image from page 465 of "The history of mankind" (1896) Image by Internet Archive Book Images Identifier: historyofmankind01ratz Title: The history of mankind Year: 1896 (1890s) Authors: Ratzel, Friedrich, 1844-1904 Butler, Arthur John, 1844-1910 Subjects: Ethnology Anthropology Publisher: London, Macmillan and co., … [Read more...]

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Check out these images of tattoo designs images: Cerberoboros Tattoo Design Image by oderiond A remake of a previous drawing for a client. If you are interested in commissioning a tattoo design from me, please contact me: PLEASE do not steal or reproduce this image without my consent as it was a commissioned design. Valentines Heart Celtic Knot … [Read more...]

Healing from the Heart


Some cool images of tattoo designs images: Healing from the Heart Image by OpalMirror My deceased wife Kathryn was a tattoo artist for several years of her life when she lived in Victoria, mostly focusing on magical designs for women. Before she inked her first client, she tattooed herself on her own right forearm (she was left handed). The design she invented for herself … [Read more...]