Nice Fairy Tattoos Designs photos


A few nice fairy tattoos designs images I found: Poppy extravaganza Image by Summer W (more out than in) Poppy lamp by Hair: >TRUTH< Rayne - pumpkin Horns: [Acide!] Pure-Horns-Sombres Brunes Wings: ::Whimzie:: Luminescent Fairy Wings Necklace: ~Scribble~ Hemp & Glass Beads/Red Skin: Tik Tok (currently Natural Beauty) Stella-light-cl-sunny SBS Arm tattoo: ::Para … [Read more...]

Nice Fairy Tattoos Designs photos


Some cool fairy tattoos designs images: oz fairies Image by Allegory Malaprop Closed eyes = Alle fail at picture taking >.< myself and the ever lovely hyasynth Tiramisu, looking especially green today as we go set up our stuffs for the hunt starting soon in Oz. There will be a couple of tones of the skins we're wearing as my offering, she's wearing but part of … [Read more...]

Togruta Warrior


Some cool fairy tattoos designs images: Togruta Warrior Image by Rachel Swallows (Second Life Only) Couldnt resist showing of this great avi set from Aggie MacTavish of Stargazer Creations. The Velveteen Avatar Special Edition fits all roleplaying needs. On these pics I am showing the Togurta style for Star Wars Roleplay and there are also Twilik Head Tails. Also in the … [Read more...]

Nice Fairy Tattoos Designs photos


Check out these fairy tattoos designs images: Annie's Tattoo - Teaser Image by spaceninja This weekend, while I was busy playing video games with the boys, Annie drove down to Portland to get her tattoo. She's been planning these fairy wings for years (as long as I've known her), and now they're done! Full photoset coming later, but for now, here's a teaser... When they … [Read more...]