Check out these face tattoo designs images: Waiting Image by Vineet Radhakrishnan Connie's Holiday in Kuta Image by Connie Arida Braided Hair "Taylor" by Discord Designs Amrita Face Tattoo Henna hand Tattoos by TATTOO corner Armlet and bracelet by Mezzo Patchwork blue - top by CROCHET! Original Beachwear metal ichiyama oval glasses by Wewi Yin Denim … [Read more...]

Nice Face Tattoo Designs photos


A few nice face tattoo designs images I found: St. Buckula, progress Image by macwagen Adding depth. ____________ So yesterday was my birthday. I had the day off of work, and decided I was ready for this tattoo. Jen and my parents contributed to the cost as part of my birthday gift. Theme is "Saint Buckula". Those of you who know me already know that Buck died … [Read more...]