≈≈ Sizzling ≈≈


Check out these eye tattoo designs images: ≈≈ Sizzling ≈≈ Image by brentdanley On any given day Kirsten will be laying out in the back yard getting her usual high dosage of skin-damaging ultraviolet radiation. She's hiding her eyes from the sun, not the camera. The composition sucks, I know, but she looks so damn hot I had to share =) I just got Photoshop CS3 and … [Read more...]

Cool Eye Tattoo Designs images


Some cool eye tattoo designs images: I got my new tattoo - 12/29/08 Image by .imelda I got my first tattoo back in 1993 at Atomic Tattoo in Austin, Texas. Its some crazy thing on my left ankle. I had been wanting a new tattoo for a while but wasn't sure what. Instead of a tattoo immediately, I got a new piercing on the 27th. I went to Book People and looked at all … [Read more...]