Cool Dj Tattoo Designs images


Check out these dj tattoo designs images: Atlanta - Poncey-Highland: Clermont Lounge Image by wallyg Clermont Lounge, located in the basement of the Clermont Motor Hotel at 789 Ponce De Leon Avenue NE, is Atlanta's oldest and longest continually operating strip club, opened in 1965. The Clermont Motor Hotel was built in 1924 as the Bonaventure Arms Apartment Building … [Read more...]

Stephen’s Tattoo


A few nice dj tattoo designs images I found: Stephen's Tattoo Image by David Farrell It's definitely an original design... Virtual Chameleon Image by Del May I currently have a show at Sintetika Gallery and the formal opening is on Thursday 22nd January at 1pm SLT. Damon Dollinger will DJ. Please come and join the party XD Hope to see you all there. View large: … [Read more...]