#16 – The First

#16 - The First

Check out these demonic tattoo designs images: #16 - The First Image by JohnONolan My first exodus into the world of ink was on my 16th birthday. After years of wanting a tattoo, and without the knowledge or permission of my parents, I got my first piece of on my back. Tribal designs weren't popular at the time and the design was my own. Years later I have only one … [Read more...]

Cool Demon Tattoo Designs images


Check out these demon tattoo designs images: Black & Grey Angel Image by tomruki Custom Tattoo design by Tom Ruki For bookings and enquires please contact www.facebook.com/tomrukitattoo/ SKULL13 Image by dreamerofmb FLORAL: VECTOR SET TWO Image by bulletproofvectors .99 Floral package 2 is a royalty-free collection of vector design. Not just another floral … [Read more...]