concentration 6(late.)


Some cool dad tattoo designs images: concentration 6(late.) Image by ScarSkye Micron. 9x12 this is a tattoo design. The summers and breaks I spent with my uncle and my cousin were my inspiration for this. Watching NASCAR with her an my uncle and swimming in the pool were my favorite things to do. such silly things were over looked and now looking back they were the best … [Read more...]

Nice Dad Tattoo Designs photos


Check out these dad tattoo designs images: My New Tattoo Image by RiRi Trautmann There's more than just Dave in this tattoo. The initial reason I thought of it was because I love Dave Matthews Band. They're my all time favorite band, and there's one thing about them that makes me love them more. My family. My Dad has been a DMB fan since as far back as I can remember. My … [Read more...]