Cool Banner Tattoo Designs images


Some cool banner tattoo designs images: Book fair Image by InSapphoWeTrust There is an impromptu street book fair going on, sponsored by the city library system. These banners showcase two American bookworms: comedienne Margaret Cho and First Lady Laura Bush. Cho is mentioned primarily due to her familiarity to South Korean audience, as she was born to Korean parents (in … [Read more...]

Cool Banner Tattoo Designs images


Some cool banner tattoo designs images: Halloween Facebook Banner -Pumpkin Paintings - Denise A. Wells - Halloween Facebook Banner Image by ♥Denise A. Wells♥ A unique Halloween Facebook banner. This is a collection of Pumpkin Paintings I have made in years past. This banner includes several famous movie characters; Alien/Xenomorph from the Alien movies (one of my favorite … [Read more...]

Rohan tattoo


A few nice banner tattoo designs images I found: Rohan tattoo Image by the1pony Better lighting- shows off the subtle color around the black. :) Tattoo by Boris the Russian. Design is adapted from the banner of Rohan in the LOTR movies. Find Boris at 11222 Pacific Ave S., Tacoma WA. … [Read more...]