My first tattoo


Some cool armband tattoo designs images: My first tattoo Image by Aine D Designed by an acquaintence and created at Steve's Tattoo & Body Piercing on 3 August 1999. Day 99/365 - 5th Tattoo Image by nhanusek A dragon arm band. My highschool boyfriend, PJ, designed this one. … [Read more...]

bird tattoo close up


Check out these arm tattoo design images: bird tattoo close up Image by Deanna Wardin @ Tattoo Boogaloo design from calvin & hobbs comic Half Sleave Tattoo (partially done) Image by capnsponge [Detail of previous photo] Tattoo on my left arm, influenced by Japanese art. Needs coloring and a bit more shading. To be completed in two more sessions. Phoenix design by … [Read more...]