Cool Loyalty Tattoo Designs images


Check out these loyalty tattoo designs images: Henna & Henjua body art tattoos this Saturday (3/19) at Avalaura's Healing Center from 2-6pm #trunkshow. Massages, crystals, reiki, and so much more! Free attendance. Be sure to bring your favorite henna design. Earn rewards with our new loyalty card. S Image by Henna Sooq … [Read more...]

Currency Note (IMG_3143 v2K)


Check out these lettering tattoo design images: Currency Note (IMG_3143 v2K) Image by Piyushgiri Revagar To Pay. Macro photo of the £10 note. The letters are almost like freshly tattooed design. I have taken this photo with my Nikon D600 using reverse lens technique. This is one of the affordable macro photography setup. Thank you all for your support! Also at: Twitter | … [Read more...]

Nice Water Tattoo Designs photos


Check out these water tattoo designs images: Bodypainting Sydney Australia Image by humanstatuebodyart Welcome to Human Statue Bodyart and Bodypainting Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide Human Statue Bodyart is a Sydney based bodyartist and human statue creative arts, marketing and events company. They were established in 2001 by creative artist and … [Read more...]

Cool Scottish Tattoo Designs For Men images


Check out these scottish tattoo designs for men images: Ruining Tourism Image by Studio Gablee The other day I was sitting near where i took this photo and some burly 50 something man came up to me and said i was a disgrace to this town and establishment. I was just smoking, drawing some tattoo designs and listening to music in my denim shorts. The fact people feel they … [Read more...]