Cool Dragon Tattoo Design images


Check out these dragon tattoo design images: SL Oufti 7/16/07 Image by Juushika Redgrave In the game Second Life, I play the avatar Juushika Redgrave. I love this outfit. ^_^ I have an obsession with little black dresses, and usually revert to black after a colorful outfit (like the one from the day before). I've also been looking for an excuse to wear wings again, so a … [Read more...]

Horseshoe Tavern Interior


Check out these horseshoe tattoo designs images: Horseshoe Tavern Interior Image by FogCityFog The Horseshoe interior is old school to match the neon outside: old wood, simple design, neon rimmed clock (the red circle over the door). I am a sucker for neon clocks: every good dive bar should have one. The Horseshoe bucks the trend for Cow Hollow / Marina: it's a basic bar … [Read more...]

Brick The Wall Bodyart


Check out these australian tattoos designs images: Brick The Wall Bodyart Image by humanstatuebodyart Human Statue Bodyart is a Sydney based bodyartist and human statue creative arts, marketing and events company. They were established in 2001 by creative artist and photographer, Eva Rinaldi. Human Statue Bodyart helps brands and individuals stand out from the pack, and … [Read more...]