sketchbook ideas


Some cool letter tattoo designs images: sketchbook ideas Image by Drawings in my design cookbook for UD3 related stuff. It's pretty weird what comes out of my head. Livin' is Prison - Tattoo Design Image by - = Duke One = - "Livin' is Prison When You Live Around Clowns" - Nas … [Read more...]

Nice Christian Tattoo Designs photos


A few nice christian tattoo designs images I found: Custom Tattoo Image by Tobyotter This tattoo has three parts, they represent three big influences in my life: 1. The Cross For the past 33 years I have attended non-denominational churches. They never put much emphasis on the cross, as one Deacon put it, "Jesus is off the Cross, it was not the important part of … [Read more...]

Day 204/365 – Number Eight


A few nice ankle tattoo designs images I found: Day 204/365 - Number Eight Image by nhanusek The bubble lady, my eighth tattoo. I not only designed this one, I put it on my leg all by my lonesome. I apprenticed in a tattoo shop for about a month. But you see, tattoo shops are like cliques, and its hard to get in. So my mom bought me the kit from a magazine and was … [Read more...]