Cool Arm Tattoo Design images


Some cool arm tattoo design images: the graceful lotus VERSUS SLAVE TALK and why we must debunk the current U.S. politics -- did you see those MASSIVE tax-cuts for BILLIONAIRES in between syrian bombs and all the other mind fkery??!!!! hly fk!!!!!, scott richard Image by torbakhopper PRESS PLAY there she goes six pence none the richer ++++++++ tattoos and the people … [Read more...]

Cool Jesus Tattoos Designs images


A few nice jesus tattoos designs images I found: scams upon scammers Image by dan mogford This is the first and probably last time I am likely to see one of my book cover designs hand-painted on a wall in Nigeria. I was asked to design the cover for this book by the guys who run this website, dedicated to baiting the email scammers of the world and generally wasting … [Read more...]