Nice Butterfly Tattoos photos


A few nice butterfly tattoos images I found: Finished Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Image by Shannon Archuleta Top Butterfly Is A Viceroy blue butterfly tattoo Image by Deanna Wardin @ Tattoo Boogaloo I tattoo @Tattoo Boogaloo 528 Green St. San Francisco, CA 94133 (415) 391-1053 … [Read more...]

Cool Banner Tattoo Designs images


Some cool banner tattoo designs images: Halloween Facebook Banner -Pumpkin Paintings - Denise A. Wells - Halloween Facebook Banner Image by ♥Denise A. Wells♥ A unique Halloween Facebook banner. This is a collection of Pumpkin Paintings I have made in years past. This banner includes several famous movie characters; Alien/Xenomorph from the Alien movies (one of my favorite … [Read more...]

Nice La Ink Tattoos photos


A few nice la ink tattoos images I found: Asi vamos con las lineas de este fabuloso diseño, amo cuando los clientes se hacen este tipo de tatuajes. #tattoo #misshask #linetattoo #dinosaurio #ink citas en La Barberia Tattoo PTY en #panamacity #panama a partir del 7 de enero del 2015 Image by Miss Hask ▼▼▼ … [Read more...]

06/28/2007: Death and Orpheus


A few nice death tattoo designs images I found: 06/28/2007: Death and Orpheus Image by armchairdj During trip No. 2, Kevin finished the design of my forearm by adding Death and Orpheus to the mix. Death, Dream's older sister, stands back to back with him, cradling his infant son Orpheus in her arms. The pose is reminiscent of a pieta, which is fitting considering that … [Read more...]



A few nice tulip tattoo designs images I found: hipster-gorilla-tulip-white Image by OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Heather Jane's tattoo Image by the littlest polly she wanted me to design a tulip tattoo for her foot.. my sketch! Image by the littlest polly I drew this tulip with prismacolor colored pencils for my cousin Heather Schaefer's tattoo on … [Read more...]