Cool Original Tattoo Designs images


A few nice original tattoo designs images I found: Image by SaRita*LaMermaid Original design by Humerto Losso (brazilian illustrator) Tattooing at PMA > SP-Brasil 2005: Dr. Blasphemy Image by armchairdj This is the tattoo that almost killed me - and a powerful argument that you should never get tattooed by somebody you don't know. I stupidly thought it would be … [Read more...]

Cool Popular Tattoo Designs images


Some cool popular tattoo designs images: Carly Style Shoulder Image by henna lion Another classic Carly design. This one is always popular, and always looks elegant. Classic Flyin' Heart Henna Image by *~ωεnÐy~✿~றєhnÐi~* One of my most popular designs... … [Read more...]

Nice Classic Tattoo Designs photos


Some cool classic tattoo designs images: Illustrated 1972 Fashion Ad, Skin-Sees Tattoo Decals Image by classic_film Tagline: "Picture Yourself This Summer" Advert text: "Fabulous new Skin-Sees -- trippy tattoos to change your look from cafefree to mysterious, sexy, romantic and back again. They're he new instant-on, instant-off fashion decals. With care, … [Read more...]

Image from page 132 of “Shans at home” (1910)


Check out these ankle tattoo designs for women images: Image from page 132 of "Shans at home" (1910) Image by Internet Archive Book Images Identifier: cu31924023077252 Title: Shans at home Year: 1910 (1910s) Authors: Milne, Leslie, Mrs., 1860-1952 Cochrane, Wilbur Willis Subjects: Shan (Asian people) Publisher: London : J. Murray Contributing Library: Cornell … [Read more...]