The Illuminati


Check out these aztec tattoos designs images: The Illuminati Image by iSams Aztec Tattoo Image by fandor1n Aztec design, done at Freedom Tattoos in Ipswich circa 2001, was featured in a Tattoo publication the same year. Painted Lady? Image by fandor1n Selection of Tats done in Ipswich UK, Lowestoft UK and Arizona USA. (1996-2001) … [Read more...]

Nice Female Tattoo Designs photos


Some cool female tattoo designs images: wire hands Image by denise carbonell this is part of the larger group of wire hands denise carbonell showed at the same location..the bronfman Image from page 147 of "Alumnae Recorder" (1888) Image by Internet Archive Book Images Identifier: alumnaerec18881892penn Title: Alumnae Recorder Year: … [Read more...]

Tattoo – Finished Time Lord seal on my shoulder 3


Some cool pictures of tattoos designs images: Tattoo - Finished Time Lord seal on my shoulder 3 Image by benchilada For more geek / art / writing / photo / neurological disordered madness from me: Geek life, bitches. The new Time Lord insignia was created by Graphic Designer Peter McKinstry. Inkwork by Katie Cain of No Regrets Tattoos. The … [Read more...]