Nice Joker Tattoo Designs photos


A few nice joker tattoo designs images I found: [6863] Batwing Battle Over Gotham City Image by marcosbessa This was my first official LEGO set. LEGO Super Heroes was the first project I got assigned to. I designed the whole model. Graphics and minifigs were designed by the Graphic Design team. Curiosity: there's a 28 printed on the tile on the inside of the helicopter … [Read more...]

Circle and Stripe Kazuri Necklace Modeled


Some cool african tattoo designs images: Circle and Stripe Kazuri Necklace Modeled Image by Joe Wilcox More handmade originals are available from the Anne Wilcox Designs shop at Etsy. Entry for Design Indaba Superstars Image by *spo0ky* //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Vote for … [Read more...]

Nice Angel Wing Tattoo Designs photos


Some cool angel wing tattoo designs images: Mamma Image by Tjook wings tattoo Pencil drawing of Statue Image by Ben Northern A pencil drawing based in part of the statue reference I took a photo of. I added a wing, and made the statue a bit more dramatic. Reference photo... … [Read more...]