Healing from the Heart


Some cool images of tattoo designs images: Healing from the Heart Image by OpalMirror My deceased wife Kathryn was a tattoo artist for several years of her life when she lived in Victoria, mostly focusing on magical designs for women. Before she inked her first client, she tattooed herself on her own right forearm (she was left handed). The design she invented for herself … [Read more...]

Cool Original Tattoo Designs images


A few nice original tattoo designs images I found: Image by SaRita*LaMermaid Original design by Humerto Losso (brazilian illustrator) Tattooing at PMA > SP-Brasil 2005: Dr. Blasphemy Image by armchairdj This is the tattoo that almost killed me - and a powerful argument that you should never get tattooed by somebody you don't know. I stupidly thought it would be … [Read more...]