Cool Guitar Tattoo Designs images


Check out these guitar tattoo designs images: guitar guy Image by callie callie jump jump my friend's teenage daughter commissioned this - it was supposed to be a likeness of some guitar playing guy her friend has a crush on. I was so afraid of working on it I took forever to get started. In the end I think he came out so-so, but it was fun and I have lots of ideas for … [Read more...]

Nice Buddha Tattoo Designs photos


Check out these buddha tattoo designs images: TESC Friends Reunion July 2011 Image by sbpoet TESC Friends Reunion, July 2011, Missoula - photos: Left, Page 1 SB, Ms. R, Lori at Garden of 1000 Buddhas Ms.R Lori's tattoo Dinner - SB, Philip, Lori, Ms.R, Katie, Richard T Geoffrey (Skyped) Jonathan (Skyped) Right, Page 2 Philip, Paige, & Henry Philip mending Garden of … [Read more...]

Cool Japanese Flower Tattoo Designs images


Check out these japanese flower tattoo designs images: Your ancient wound, your scarlet moon Image by Allegory Malaprop And your jailhouse smile Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Lament The Seasons Story ends tomorrow! mask: [ContraptioN] Fire Fiend Mask *blaze* (fuast.steamer) hair: [DUE] Yan xi V1 (dubled) head&skin: Genesis_Head_Candice_2.0, skin in Latte tone … [Read more...]

Cool Lily Tattoo Designs images


Check out these lily tattoo designs images: Water lilies Image by letsgoeverywhere By Kate Davies @ Passage Tattoo. Awesome artists, awesome studio. 6_lotus_on_green_henna_swirls_lily_pad_dots_guest_sangeet Image by Henna by Heather - serving Boston and Providence Simple guest lotus design at a Sangeet from August … [Read more...]